Technical rider for performances

The space
The premiere took place in an oil-stained garage for big machines. The audience was seated on chairs, level with the stage. There were five rows of chairs, so that the actions taking place on the floor would be seen by everyone.
The space could be sports hall, a barn or some other big room. In the room the walls, floor, ceiling, tools, shelves, machines (if there are any), etc are left to be seen. The auditorium can be rising, too.
The room is dark, any windows are covered.
The stage should be at least 8 m (width) x 6 m (depth) x 4 m (height). The bigger, the better.

On the stage
- an A-shapep ladder, ca 3 m high
- 100 green and white balloons
- we need helium – to fill up 8-10 of the balloons
- two plain chairs
- a table or desk, with a plain chair

- 12 x  PAR64 CP62 
- six low and four high stands
- 6-12 channel desk

- 4 active loudspeakers (Genelec 8030 or 8040 would be nice)
- XLR cables for the loudspeakers, at least 10-15 meters per speaker.